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Hotline 24/7: +48 665 21 21 21
24/7 Hotline: +48 665 21 21 21

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Business flights ON TIME AND IN STYLE

Visiting a few distant places in the country within one day turns from a cumbersome duty into pleasure. Travelling in a straight line at 200 km/h lets you avoid all traffic jams and speed cameras. Thanks to the air taxi you will always arrive at your destination in time, and you will do it in the true style of a strong businessman.


Elegant interiors and only new machines guarantee maximum helicopter flight comfort and set a new standard for luxury travel, which is now desired by an ever wider audience.

Hiring a helicopter is not just about the freedom to land as close as possible to your destination. It is also the comfort of discretion and the customization of service to the client's particular needs. Business travel requires precision in terms of logistic organization - investors value their time most of all. Flying a helicopter with Sky Poland introduces them to a new dimension of doing business - they can reach their destination in the shortest time possible and stay in control of their business in various parts of Poland and Europe.


Sky Poland offers private business flights - the best machines operated by experienced pilots. The attractive price-to-time ratio makes helicopter travel an ideal tool for conducting business in Poland and neighboring countries.

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